My memoir 'The Girl Who Fell From The Sky' is out now!

'There on that helicopter, somewhere over Switzerland on a Sunday in June, came the first tiny whisper. A voice that would carry me for years to come. 'I'm going to be ok. There's still joy here.'

My book is now available in all good bookstores as well as in Big W, Kmart and Target in Australia. There is also an audiobook (narrated by yours truly) and an ebook version which are available worldwide!

Here are some links for where you can find it:

Signed copies are available worldwide here.

Booktopia (Aus & NZ) - Paperback

International - Paperback

Audible - Audiobook

Kindle - ebook

Apple Books - ebook

If the links for my audio/ebook don't work in your particular country, you can search for my book wherever you normally find your books. I promise it is available worldwide! :)


I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoyed writing them.

     Love, Em x