Em is now available to speak at your next event.

Whether you are after a signature keynote, interview-style format, or Q&A with your audience - Em is ready to share her story and everything she's learnt along the way with your guests.

Although Em’s story is a very intriguing and unique one, she does so much more than just recite her fall to earth and journey to walk again. She offers her insights into things you can only see when you’re staring mortality in the face, the techniques that helped her in her darkest moments, realizations she had when dealing with paralysis, how she reframed her outlook from one of despair to one of hope, and in doing so, inspires others to take action in their own lives. Her story will help open your eyes to something we already know but often forget - you don’t need to nearly die, to start really living.

Make a booking.

If you would like to make a booking, please send an email to emma@emcarey.com and include the following information:

- Date and location
- A brief description of your event
- How long you would like Em to speak
- Preferred format
- Budget for your speaker

More details coming soon.